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ILS STUDY language center

Kunayev street-32; Medeu district, Almaty city<
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ILS STUDY language center -

ILS STUDY language center -

ILS STUDY language center-will be able to teach you a new foreign language. We offer comprehensive training that helps you learn English, Chinese, Russian and Kazakh effectively. Our qualified teachers, who are native speakers, organize first-class classes. There, you can learn a lot of useful tips, use your knowledge in practice and learn the language perfectly. Thanks to the newly developed program, which uses foreign methods and materials, we teach children of all ages. You will receive the most necessary knowledge that will ensure your admission to prestigious educational institutions. Our classes are held in groups of eight people, so that everyone can get enough attention. If you are experiencing difficulties with learning or want to pass a higher level-our individual classes will help you get rid of difficulties. We will teach you how to study correctly, search for the necessary information and effectively memorize the material. Your training will become a continuous fairy tale, which will bring not only benefit, but also interest. Come and start studying right now - our teachers are waiting for you!

We will save you from the boring school program, difficult tasks and grueling learning. With us - you will be perfectly trained, and you will be able to achieve success on your own, we will correct you. Our center deals not only with children, but also with students and adults. You will get an excellent opportunity to pass an international exam and study abroad. Also, thanks to us, you can improve your skills. Our entire training process is transparent - you can find out all our steps, further topics and prospects, and we give you the opportunity to choose the time and date of classes yourself. Flexible schedule, allow you to plan your training, and effectively use the time on any day. Our conversational circles with real native speakers will be available to everyone who wants to put their skills into practice. After a month of our intensive classes, you will learn how to use English correctly for your own purposes. You will have incredible opportunities to implement any actions. And to make your training even more effective - we teach through online. You will be able to choose the time and number of classes to study on any day. Call teachers and ask questions, get materials in digital form and homework every day. Come to our center and get free classes. You will love our interesting approach to learning. We want to offer quality and excellent education!

ILS STUDY language center - excellent training for a minimum price. Real development, under the power of everyone. Learn English perfectly, and we will help you!

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