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Cleverest Academy of Intellectual Development

Khodzhanova, 13; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒777‒366‒88‒22; +7‒777‒466‒88‒22
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Полное описание Cleverest Academy of Intellectual Development

Полное описание Cleverest Academy of Intellectual Development

Cleverest Academy of Intellectual Development-provides a unique opportunity to master the art of English. Our center provides a good level of training, where you will master Pre-Intermediate and higher, in just 5 months. We help you learn the basics in a couple of weeks, as well as comprehensive courses for advanced training. Our responsible teachers teach only the necessary and important skills that are offered in the best foreign institutions. For several months, our classes will allow you to learn the most diverse possibilities of the English language. Our courses will make you professionals - you will open any roads. This is a chance to get a dream job, become a member of an exchange program and study abroad. For those who want to learn English at home - Online training will help you. Most of the courses are conducted digitally. We recruit groups of six people so that everyone can get an individual approach and the correct answer to their question. We have been on the market for 5 years, and we work at the highest level. We have partners, and numerous collaborations with different companies. Qualified teachers are native speakers, and can teach you: Kazakh, Russian, English and Uyghur. Groups are assembled according to the level of training, the presence of basic foundations and skills. English is an important factor in a successful career. If you want to work in a reputable or foreign company, you will definitely need a language for work. In other cases, English helps to broaden your horizons and self-development. For travelers and students, it is necessary to practice with real native speakers to leave the language barrier behind. Thanks to our courses, you will discover new roads to a successful future. The most prestigious job, study abroad, practice in the best institutions - such a future is available to everyone! We will teach you not only the correct pronunciation, but also help you learn the material correctly and remember new words. Video and audio materials are a great practice, where all the necessary processes work when talking. Your perception of languages will change, and you will be able to talk and think effortlessly. When you know the basis and structure of the language, further training will be in full swing. Our unique approach to learning, will make regular classes - on a fascinating journey, where you can find new knowledge. If you have any difficulties or a strong desire to work in a different direction-our individual classes with a tutor will open a second wind for learning. Come to us and see for yourself. You will not leave without new knowledge! Cleverest Academy of Intellectual Development - an opportunity to realize yourself through foreign training. Your success in training is guaranteed - come and develop with us!

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