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The center for Korean language

Street Nurshaikhova -112A; Nauryzbai district, Almaty
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The center for Korean language -

The center for Korean language -

The Korean Language Center is happy to offer you the training you deserve. With us, you can learn Korean perfectly, learn the culture and traditions of this country, and try popular Korean techniques. Thanks to qualified teachers from Korea, you will receive only high-quality knowledge, practice pronunciation and speech, receive foreign materials and manuals. In our classes, you will immerse yourself in the wonderful world of education, mentally visit another country, and be able to talk like a real native speaker. Thanks to an individual approach, each student achieves tremendous success, and can apply their knowledge in a month. Your classes are aimed at: proper training, saving time and effort, effective training. To better remember information, you need intensive classes, daily training and a desire to work. We will return you to your former interest in studying, and you will be able to spend your time with benefit. Our flexible schedule of classes will allow you to plan classes every day - the time, hours and number of classes, you choose. And our non-standard approaches and a variety of classes will help you enjoy learning. Plan your training correctly, choose only professionals. We are happy to help everyone who wants to make their dream come true!

for everyone, we have organized online training that allows you to use your time correctly. You will get access to our video and audio materials, which will allow you to rewind an incomprehensible fragment if necessary. Thanks to our efforts, after a week of classes, you will be able to correctly perceive the Korean language, pronounce any words and adverbs. And if you continue intensive training, your skills will significantly increase – everyone will be able to translate any text and maintain a conversation. test tasks will improve your knowledge, and conversational circles will increase your practical skills. our best teachers, straight from korea, will be able to tell you about the tricks and structure of the language. they will select a training system for you, answer any questions, and will accompany you to the end of the training. we also prepare for international exams and study abroad. you will be able to learn not only conversational knowledge, but also applied skills for working and interacting with people. Become part of a large nation that respects hard work and perseverance. Come to our center, and visit the trial classes – you will see our professionalism. We are waiting for you in the best place where you can really learn the language perfectly!

The center for Korean language and your dream will come true right now, it is only necessary to sign up to our courses. Learn a new language with ease, spending half as much time and money on it. It is your time to change the future!

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