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Likisay language center

Microdistrict 1-Samal-13; Medeu district, Almaty city
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Likisay language center -

Likisay language center -

Likisay language center-learning foreign languages with native speakers. If you have long dreamed of learning a new language, but have not found a suitable course – we will help you. Our training program will allow you to learn the language perfectly in a short time. We teach: English, Kazakh, Chinese, German and French. We have popular and foreign materials and manuals that will provide effective training. You will not only pass and learn the material, but also show it in practice. Tests, clubs, events-all this will allow you to improve your skills and vocabulary. We train everyone: students, school children, employees, and the youngest. Groups will consist of eight people to ensure an individual approach, and qualitatively test the knowledge gained. You will gradually pass the levels, which begin to become more difficult. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to learn the language like a real native speaker. Thanks to the basics, which are mandatory to learn, you will be able to pass the levels more easily and achieve mastery. Knowledge of the language will be useful: in building a career and internship in a foreign company; professional development; studying abroad; in the journey and business trip where you will be able to speak without an interpreter. If you have the required knowledge base and want to master the top of your studies, then individual classes are suitable for you, where you can focus on the educational process.

We even prepare children. At an early age, a child needs a special approach to learning so that they can become interested and attach importance to it. Our teachers will closely monitor your progress in order to eliminate gaps in a timely manner. It is important to start from an early age so that the child becomes a good student. The more a child learns at this age, the higher your chances of passing and successfully mastering the entire school curriculum. There is a separate course for students and schoolchildren. It is intended for those who want to pass an international exam and study at any educational institution in developed countries. The course will include passing tests and certain exam material. Our program is always relevant and in demand, which allows you to enter the desired institution after graduation. Monthly testing allows you to check the performance of each student, and also gives an incentive to successfully pass. For employees, we organize field seminars where you can improve your skills and climb the career ladder. All our graduates are happy with the result, because they successfully enter the desired educational institutions. Come to the trial testing and find out your results. We will analyze the errors together and tell you how to prepare and not repeat the mistakes. We welcome every student who wants to study!

Improve your learning skills, develop your speech in practice, and pass important training materials – this is the task of the Likisay language center.

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