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Lucky move Language School

Shugyla – 29 microdistrict; Nauryzbay district, Almaty city
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Lucky move Language School -

Lucky move Language School -

Lucky move Language School-invites you to an unforgettable journey in English. Join a large family where every new student is welcome. Our center allows you to learn English perfectly, practice and get incredible emotions. You will study with real native speakers, talk and translate any text. Thanks to an individual approach to each student, success is guaranteed. Our foreign methods and materials will be able to interest anyone and teach them to perform daily training independently. To diversify our classes, we combine theory and practice, conduct conversation groups, and use audio and video materials for studying. Much attention is paid to the structure of the language, which is necessary for proper learning. To do this, we conduct monthly checks, where the final result is revealed. If you are experiencing difficulties, our teachers will find a solution - your gaps will be completely eliminated. Our flexible schedule will allow you to manage your training and time - you choose the number of classes, and we will try to fit you. each of our students will leave with a large "baggage of knowledge" and with invaluable experience. join the best english language learning center. we are happy to offer you a helping hand!

If you don't know where to start and are afraid of losing interest in it quickly - don't worry, our team will conduct an analysis. You will learn your results, disadvantages and advantages of your knowledge, and thanks to us, you will be able to change the idea of learning. Groups are recruited by six people. We will teach you the right approach that ensures high learning efficiency. Even a child can cope with this - we prepare children of all ages. They will get a unique basic foundation, and the opportunity to learn the language as a real native speaker. Already a month of our classes, will be able to improve your result beyond recognition - written and oral speech will look like many years of experience. And if you continue your studies, your opportunities will be limitless - successful exams, study abroad, advanced training and travel without an interpreter. Become part of a large number of people who can realize their dreams through the English language. We will help you choose the path along which you will receive the necessary knowledge. The result of each student is important to us - we carefully monitor the progress. Come to a trial lesson, and learn the full power of the English language in action. We offer foreign materials that are available to everyone without leaving the city. Our school is ready to teach high-quality and necessary knowledge every day!

Lucky move Language School is your successful road to English. Embrace our incredible opportunities to explore, get interested in developing in a new way. Your training will become a fairy tale when you realize that it's easy!

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