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private Lessons language school

46 Mametova street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒701‒111‒80‒52
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private Lessons language school

private Lessons language school

Private Lessons is a language school where you will learn all the tricks of learning languages. We provide an opportunity to learn a language online, or in a group during classes. Our training materials will allow you to master any language perfectly in a short time. We will teach you all the necessary skills so that you can speak like a native speaker. Our task is to teach the basics to everyone, and further study will take its course. We want to prove that even a child can learn a foreign language. Our training method is the most up-to-date and popular in our country. We use foreign programs, the best educational materials and manuals so that you can make any exam and international certificate. We can easily adjust to your schedule, help you achieve your goals, and give you access to all your content. Develop your skills with us, we will help you!

We will teach you all the skills: development of reading and hearing, vocabulary replenishment, correct sentences. You will be able to watch foreign movies, listen to and understand music, and read foreign literature. Our qualified teachers know many opportunities to learn languages. They will always find an approach to each student, create an individual program for them and help them in the work situation. For those who want to study at home, we provide online services. You can choose a schedule and the number of days. And if you have basic skills and want to continue studying, you can increase the level of training or choose certain topics to study. We can offer language learning for children. After all, the sooner your child learns to remember words and speech, the better it will be in the future. All your learning skills also affect your mental abilities. Thanks to the study, your child will be able to: understand speech, read and write, correctly build sentences and more. Comprehensive study is aimed at in-depth acquaintance with a foreign language. And after a few classes, your child will be able to do their own homework. We also provide corporate training that gives you the opportunity to improve your skills. And you can do your job if it requires language proficiency. Thanks to our practice, you will be able to travel without an interpreter, attend any seminars and study abroad. International exams and certificates will also not be a hindrance, because you will be fully prepared for this. You are required to try and persevere. And we will teach you this. After all, our goal is to finish the job, which means to help you learn everything. Help yourself to study, because one is always difficult. And with us, you will have many opportunities to get and apply your skills.

We want to give only the best, so we try every day. Our center monitors the relevance of the course and makes changes if necessary. We can do anything!

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