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Talent training center

39 Markov street; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒707‒715‒39‒00
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Talent training center

Talent training center

Talent-language courses in our city. We teach: language courses with our teachers, with native speakers, conduct educational courses on school subjects, create clubs and clubs for creativity, conduct corporate training. Our groups consist of two to six people, and there is a possibility of individual and private classes. We teach: English, German, Turkish, Arabic, and many other languages. We provide corporate training for employees in English to improve their skills. All classes are conducted by experienced professional teachers who have their own effective teaching methods. Our programs are designed for all age groups, have an individual approach and flexible schedule.

We develop our methods based on the demand in the market, and always offer an up-to-date and effective program. Learning a foreign language is necessary for various purposes: preparing for exams and certificates, traveling abroad, the specifics of the profession, reading and viewing foreign literature, the opportunity to study in any educational institutions in the world. You will be able to successfully pass any entrance exam and enroll at any institution. Our methods allow you to increase your General knowledge and increase your language skills. After completing our courses, you will receive a certificate of completion, and the opportunity to apply it in any educational institution. Your academic performance percentage is important to us, because we care about our students. Every week we organize test materials to show your results for the completed stage. This lets you know your potential, and the ability to find out your gaps and move on to the next stages. Your opportunities open up a great potential for studying a foreign education system, and a chance to get a career in the best company in the world. Thanks to this knowledge, you can maintain any conversation, read foreign literature, watch movies, and travel without an interpreter. Our center will help you prepare for any exams, improve your knowledge, and improve your skills in other areas. The cost of our services depends on the choice of group, direction and number of classes per week. We have good discounts, promotions, clubs and sections to make learning fun and affordable. You can participate in the training process, offer your own options in training, and improve the effectiveness of training.

All parents want their child to know a lot of information, learn and understand another language, and be successful in everything. And this is what we do, it helps you develop, be active in learning, find and acquire new skills and develop your mental abilities. We have opened a summer camp where children can get practical skills and have a good time with friends. You can also get knowledge in a playful way, the main thing is not to lose the mood for learning.

Come to our center and get high-quality knowledge and skills for foreign languages!

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