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Mandarin school language center

Baizakov street-134; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒702‒107‒10‒65
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Mandarin school language center -

Mandarin school language center -

Mandarin School language center – a competent approach to learning, so that you fully learn the desired language in a short time. We guarantee your success in learning, because we will teach you how to understand the language correctly, what approach to learning, what you need to learn, how to continue learning on your own, and many other useful techniques in learning a new language. Here you can improve or get skills in English, Kazakh, Chinese and Russian. We welcome everyone who really wants to learn a new language. Our center keeps a set of all age categories, and distributes them into groups of eight people. Individual approach and attention to detail is our first rule in training. First of all, we will find out your proficiency results and select the optimal training program for you. You will learn a new stage step by step and successfully complete tasks. We will practice your skills in real communication with native speakers. We will pass audio and video materials to train our hearing and memory. Test tasks will help you identify the weaknesses of students and eliminate them in time. We are ready to help you in any situation so that you can succeed!

Learning a language is required in different cases, but the approach should be the same - to correctly learn the subtleties and rules in order to successfully complete the training. Language skills required in different settings: the job requires knowledge of several languages, requires professional development of employees, the desire to study and live abroad, travel or go on business trips-all this requires learning the language. If you have a basic knowledge base or already know everything about the language , we offer private or individual classes where you can go through the individual stages of training and focus as much as possible on learning. The center trains children and adults to make education accessible to all. We will help you remember the rules correctly and significantly speed up the process of vocabulary replenishment. You will be able to speak the language like a native speaker and will be able to talk about any topic. Our teachers are the pride of the center. After all, they speak the language perfectly, and some are native speakers. They will tell you all the subtleties of learning, and how to properly and daily train your skills. You will be very happy with the opportunities that will open up after learning the language. It all depends on your perseverance and how much you want to learn. If you have problems with this – it does not matter, we will show that learning is not always boring and difficult. Our approach and methods give a correct idea of the structure of the language. Studying abroad will be possible if you try your best. Learning a language will be easier when you want it!

Achieve success in learning with us, and realize your goals!

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