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EDTECH international education center

174b Nazarbayev Avenue; Medeu district, Almaty city+7-777-950-05-12
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EDTECH international education center

EDTECH international education center

EDTECH international education center - pre-University training, guarantee of admission to the University. We have implemented a system for analyzing results, a career guidance system, and training manuals. We will help you find problems in your knowledge and prepare you to pass the exam successfully. We also have a career guidance service where you can choose your dream profession. We have a lot of relevant theoretical and practical materials so that you can pass any entrance exam.

The education center is the largest educational community in our country. We have a large and unique system of preparation for national testing and a comprehensive program for undergraduate and graduate students. Our training process is relevant and adapted for all educational institutions to compete in the educational market. We select the training program based on your skills and personal skills. Classes are held in groups of eight people, or individually. We have a qualified teaching staff that provides their skills for successful exams. By choosing us, you increase your chance to pass the entrance exam. We have the most up-to-date theoretical and practical material, a huge database of questions, a system of academic performance and monitoring of students. We conduct pre-University training, private classes of complex systems, where you choose the level of complexity and stages. We guarantee your admission to the educational institution of your dreams. We have a lot of practical experience in training students, and everyone can find an individual approach to education. To demonstrate the skills provided, we use innovative tutorials, pass and analyze the passed tests together, and solve problems. A lot of time is devoted to practice in order to consolidate the result as much as possible, and move through the stages of training.

Our system of analysis for detailed analysis, allows you to conduct a complete diagnosis of knowledge, educational material and student performance. This allows you to find gaps and eliminate them before starting the final monthly check. All our academic performance is passed on to parents and management to assess the quality of the knowledge gained. Our teaching methods are approved by the Ministry of education and recognized as the best educational material in the country. Independent training in each subject increases your chances of success. We conduct up-to-date test tasks taken from the entrance exams of each educational institution. Our manuals teach students according to the program from 5th to 11th grade, and form high-quality knowledge of school education. The center conducts full-fledged work for high-quality training. We have meetings with applicants and organize career guidance.

Our center is your guarantee of admission to a prestigious educational institution! Find out your life vocation!

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