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Fibonacci educational center

Abay Avenue-143; Almalinsky district, Almatycity+7 (727) 317-21-17 +7 (747) 372-45-23
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Fibonacci educational center

Fibonacci educational center

the Fibonacci education center is the best way to prepare for any exams. We are engaged in: tutoring, admission to Universities and intellectual schools, preparation for the UNT and KTA, Olympiad tasks, preparation for international certificates.

Our training method is designed for students who want to enroll in specialized schools. All our methods are suitable for admission to prestigious educational institutions of our country, to intellectual and National schools. We develop our methodology through analysis on the domestic market, and compare information in educational institutions. Our advantage is that we allow our students to pass complex tests so that in the future they will have the experience and skills to successfully pass the entrance exams and can study at any prestigious University and national schools in our country. All of our then students successfully pass their exams, and begin their dream training. We also provide tutoring for those who need to improve their knowledge of the chosen subject and improve their grades at school. These methods are aimed at increasing knowledge and assimilation of old material. We focus on eliminating gaps, mastering the school curriculum, and consolidating theoretical skills through tests and tasks. Our teachers lead groups of 5-6 people to give an individual approach to each student. and improve academic performance. This allows students to go their own way and not be distracted by the problems of others.

Successfully pass the National Test is the main goal of every student to enter the desired educational institution. We only provide the latest and newest database of tests and training materials to increase your chances of success. With full interaction with students, our educational method of presenting educational material gives incredible results in a couple of months! All our graduates get a passing grade in mathematics. Our methodology, allows to check the received knowledge in practice, we give weekly tests on current issues, so that you become more confident before the final exam. We also help our students to pass not only the UNT and KTA, but also the entrance exams of various educational institutions. We deal with students who want to take part in Olympiads in mathematics at various levels - our program is aimed at in-depth study and detailed analysis of problems in various areas. Our center provides an opportunity to study with famous participants and winners of Olympiads. who will be happy to help you achieve a master level in solving problems. The teaching staff uses a method that consists of hints for solving problems, rather than announcing the correct answer. This allows you to develop the student's mental skills, which are necessary for successful completion.

Call the number and start preparing for the main exam. Don't put off what you can do now!

DMITRIY K. 16/11/2019

Замечательный учителя.

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