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the network of training centers Spaceweaver

111 Zheltoksan street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-747-658-34-12; +7-747-658-34-17
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the network of training centers Spaceweaver

the network of training centers Spaceweaver

the network of training centers Spaceweather - ability to learn a foreign language and travel the world with us. Training is available offline and remotely. We have graduated a lot of students, and we are not going to stop. We also send students abroad, create jobs, and have established several branches in our city. Our center provides an opportunity to learn many foreign languages: English, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Kazakh, French, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean and many other languages. The name of our center was chosen not by chance - a tribute and expression of gratitude to each of our students. Our employees know the purpose of their business, and are the pride and value of the company.

We offer comprehensive training consisting of several levels. This will allow you to distribute the load on students and teachers, conduct tests and monitor academic performance. In this course, we will teach you the basics of language proficiency: read any work, write and build any sentences, keep up a conversation on a variety of topics, watch foreign films. Our qualified classes consist of current training programs aimed at in-depth study of the chosen language, which will allow you to master it perfectly. We also help you prepare for entrance exams, international certificates, and professional development. To prepare well for the exam, you need more practice, perseverance, and study material - and we can offer you this. Everyone who wants to, we invite you to a trial session. where you can get acquainted with our program, take a test and find out your level, and then continue studying in stages. You can choose to study in groups, where everything depends on your skills, or take individual classes on specific topics, so as not to linger at the stages.Field and distance learning are also available.

We provide training and travel to various countries. Our center gives you the opportunity to choose any country according to your wishes, and the instructor will accompany you to the very end of the trip . For more information about such trips, please contact our consultant. We organize tour groups to visit all the local attractions and show student life in the best educational institutions. This type of trip is suitable for those who like to travel. This trip gives you the opportunity to get new impressions, get acquainted with the architecture of the city, find new friends and save your memories in the form of beautiful photos. If you start taking our courses, you will be able to travel without an interpreter and ask for directions, talk on any topic and communicate without a language barrier. You will be able to get a foreign education in the educational institution of your dreams and live in your own pleasure. Get the necessary skills from us and develop them abroad. You choose your own path.

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