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Lika Gymnasium

Tchaikovsky street-9/11 (Spbgup Building); Almalinsky district, Almaty cityPhone: 8 (727) 279 07 24
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Lika Gymnasium

Lika Gymnasium

Gymnasium "Lika" - a decent educational institution with a social and humanitarian direction, conducts professional educational activities with all the norms and instructions of the Ministry of education. The entire educational process is based on the General education standard, which is combined with new methods of the educational process. The material covers all areas of the current market, and teaches all the necessary knowledge to enter the best colleges and universities. The teaching staff is experts in their field who adapt to all changes in the educational process and find an individual approach to each student. They know how to effectively organize the educational process, using advanced innovative technologies in the field of education. The gymnasium building is combined with the Humanities University of trade unions, which ensures continuous training of specialists. The institution has the necessary classrooms for training, equipped with advanced technologies. There are: computer classes to teach children new opportunities. There is also a sports hall with all sports equipment, a Playground for outdoor activities. For the safety of students, the building is equipped with video surveillance, security and a medical office. The gymnasium has a whole range of technical training facilities. this allows you to increase the quality of education.

In the gymnasium, you will find: an interesting school life, frequent trips to the mountains, events and conferences, sports and intellectual competitions, excursions in all directions, an individual approach to each student. All our graduates successfully enter prestigious educational institutions in the CIS countries. Our approach to current education will not make anyone bored. We run a program with different slants that help you master the material. Active participants of our gymnasium organize their own events and conduct their own seminars. We publish all internal projects of the school on the website so that everyone can see it. Parents of our students also take part in school life. They can contribute their interests and activities to improve the educational program.

For a full-fledged educational process, TV sets are installed in each office to clearly show the material and visualize the information. Computer classes are equipped with Internet access. The building has an Internet access point, a dining room and a cafe. The best security officers located throughout the building monitor the security of the institution. To make it easier to monitor security, all students have individual passes. In cold weather, all classrooms and gyms are equipped with heating and walk-in closets. For convenience, we have two shifts. In their free time, teachers help Laggards to learn the material well. Join the best gymnasium in the city!

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