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SoloWay vocal Studio

Botkin street -12 / 6; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒700‒020‒23‒36
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SoloWay vocal Studio -

SoloWay vocal Studio -

SoloWay vocal Studio-training in creativity, art and professional skills development. We help you find and develop your talent that will make you truly happy. We have services: vocal courses, music courses, assistance in learning and acquiring skills, creative teams. Our teachers, excellent choreographers and mentors who will teach anyone to master the art. You will be trained in the highest quality and best music techniques that will make you a star. We guarantee your success in a month of classes. Perseverance and passion in your favorite business is a big part of your success. The rest of the time you need to train to firmly establish the rules and principles. We are ready to help in any situation, and provide an individual approach to everyone. After all, each student is unique and has a different level of training. We are with you, will achieve success through stages that have different levels of difficulty. So, we teach students more effectively, and made the program easier. We do everything to make your training more comfortable: flexible schedule, intensive and comprehensive training, test tasks, the possibility of extended classes, working on weekends – everything you need to achieve success in your business.

We teach even the little ones. After all, developing talent at an early age is the key to success in any development. The sooner your child finds his or her vocation, the more and faster he or she will be able to develop his or her abilities. We are very happy when children are genuinely happy with their success, and are ready to share it with everyone. We have a large number of equipment that is necessary for training. There is an Assembly hall where our students hold events and show their skills. If you want to realize yourself, but you don't have a musical ear and education, it doesn't matter. Our teachers will explain the material in a simple and accessible way, and teach you how to Express your emotions through music and vocals. Your success will be appreciated. Our warm atmosphere allows you to enjoy the process and free your head from everyday thoughts and worries. Our teachers will move on the "same wave with you" so that you can more easily cope with the excitement and find a common language. We will help you in all your endeavors and correct all your mistakes – you will be a professional in your field. Our courses give a bias to self-study so that you can study at home. Our goal is to show that everyone can achieve success. You just need to show interest and train. We are happy to have such talents trained here. Our center graduates more than a hundred students, and all of them have successfully completed our courses, and further develop their abilities.

SoloWay is a place for full expression of emotions and feelings. Unleash your talent and you will achieve great success!

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