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12-year-old boy became a high-school student

12-year-old boy became a high-school student
Little boy Karsol Antonio Santamaria was the only kid in the world who was accepted to the University, reports RIA Novosti. He will begin training on the 6th of August. In this University know him in high school for another nine years, he is now 12. At 9 years old he successfully passed courses in biochemistry, molecular biology and analytical chemistry, and for further study he chose the physics of Biomedicine.
'This boy will be the one who will lead the University's parents by the hand' - note in a press release.
To get into high school, the boy passed the exams for a certificate as an external student in high school
'I just want to learn, if I'm not allowed to learn, I will learn myself' - said the young student.
It is noted that the congratulations in the address of a gifted child even joined the U.S. Embassy in Mexico city, called the Santamaria little Mexican flair and genius.
In 2017 in Almaty graduated from high school with honors 12-year-old Abzal Mirzas. Prodigy from Kazakhstan invited at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Abzal was interviewed, but an obstacle to training was the condition of the institution – there asked that the boy moved and his family because he is too young.
However, the financial ability to meet this condition the family was not, and the choice Abzal fell on the Kazakh-British technological University.

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