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An archaeologist from the United States suggested how to preserve the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

An archaeologist from the United States suggested how to preserve the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

The construction of large roads can destroy ancient cultural monuments that have not yet been discovered by scientists, said Daniel Pugh, an anthropologist and archaeologist at Nazarbayev University. In an interview, the scientist suggested HOW initiative Kazakhstanis can help preserve the cultural heritage of their country.

According to the archaeologist, there are quite a lot of very interesting archaeological sites in the Republic. Already found a huge number of old cemeteries, ancient buildings and other archaeological sites that are of great value. Now, according to him, these things are worth paying special attention to.

"In the United States, there is a separate area called cultural resource Management (CRM), where experts in archaeology and anthropology work. The government hires them even before the construction phase of new infrastructure, so that specialists identify everything that is at risk of destruction during construction. This helps to document and preserve objects, conduct archaeological excavations, " said Dr. Pugh.

Kazakhstan has a similar industry, but it is currently not fully launched and it needs more time to fully organize its activities. To discuss the issue of preserving these monuments, an online conference of The new silk road Alliance "Heritage under threat"was recently held on the basis of Nazarbayev University.
According to Daniel, the way to preserve the legacy is to increase the level of education and involvement in the process of protecting such things, as many people as possible. He also noted the importance of meeting with local communities to explain what to do and how to behave when finding unusual artifacts. This is important because many people simply do not know how to behave in such cases. They take objects in their hands and damage them because they are insanely fragile.

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