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Kazakhstan will increase spending on education six times!

Kazakhstan will increase spending on education six times!

The Republic of Kazakhstan is currently very far behind the leaders of the PISA rating (an international program for assessing the educational achievements of students) - currently the republic invests less than $ 1000 per student in the education of one student, compared to $ 14,000-18,000 in the leading top 10 countries. To close the gap, Kazakhstan will significantly increase spending on education by 2025. The increase in costs will be gradual and will eventually increase sixfold.

In addition, the President of the Republic called for increasing the financial attractiveness of investments in educational infrastructure, thanks to the revision of some rules and systems of investment in education.

Tokayev believes that by 2025 it is necessary to re-examine the reforms that have been carried out and work on their better quality until 2025. By that time, six times more money will be spent on education, and seven times more on science.

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