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The Kazakh language is under threat

The Kazakh language is under threat

Recently, the deputy Natalia Dementieva asked the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov to study the Kazakh language in educational institutions.

She says that little time is given to the Kazakh language. Students study it, but do not know a word in the Kazakh language. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his address declares the strengthening of the study of the Kazakh language. Natalia Grigorievna believes that the Kazakh language should become an international language. She is also interested in what level of education is the Kazakh language in educational institutions? She also adds that I have been teaching Kazakh in schools since 1958, on a par with the Russian language. Although at the moment there are very few people who ideally know the state language.

More Natalia speaks to the fact that the books appear every year, but they are very difficult tasks. It is difficult for a student who does not know the Kazakh language to cope with them.

Natalia Grigorievna Dementieva suggests developing more conversational speech and trying to briefly explain the meaning of tasks in the state language.

In educational institutions, the study of the Kazakh language should be at a high level.

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