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School education abroad: results, trends, prospects

School education abroad: results, trends, prospects

In April 2021, the consulting and educational Agency Intellect celebrates its 25th anniversary. This is a great reason to look back and remember how things used to be. Education does not tolerate the pauses and uncertainties that are currently occurring in the field of education – children are growing every minute and require a quality education.

Education of Kazakhstani children in foreign well-known schools became possible not so long ago. Only in 1997, the twin sisters were the first to leave Pavlodar to study in England. Now our children can study in countries such as Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Sending children to elite schools quickly became an essential sign of success for any businessman, politician, or cultural or sports star. Parents who had the means, in those years, sent their children to schools in foreign countries that had hundreds of years of history.

The Intelligence Agency always keeps in touch with all its former students. After all, how else? The Agency went through the entire process of submitting documents, admission and everything else, directly with the student.

All students who have passed through "Intelligence" are successful and well-off people today. There are a lot of businessmen among them, some of them continued their parents ' business, some of them mastered their own startup.

Parents who sent their children to foreign schools were very wise. They saved their children from unsettled conditions and constant changes in the education sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is one of the main advantages of foreign schools. They are stable and stable, regardless of political and economic influences. As this year has shown, they also easily tolerate epidemiological problems, continuing to produce the next generation of businessmen, sports and cultural figures.

If you choose a well-known foreign school, it is guaranteed to be a worthy circle of communication of the child, both within the walls of the school and for his future life. All successful graduates support new students, help them find a job, and sometimes even take them on an internship in their already developed business. They tell them how to start their own business and help them get back on their feet.

Choosing the school that the child will go to is quite an exciting process, and it is very time-consuming and requires a lot of involvement of both the child and parents. Due to objective reasons, traditional exhibitions and seminars are not held this year, and admissions committees of the best schools did not come to Kazakhstan to select worthy candidates.

A unique TABS Connect portal has been created for selecting schools, submitting documents, and direct dialogue with schools. The Association of the best boarding schools from all over the world gives our Kazakh families the opportunity to start searching for the best school for their child right now. Also, on the portal you can find all the necessary information about the documents that are required for admission, about the history of the school, about education in this school.

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