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College students will receive professional practice as part of their work experience in the Republic of Kazakhstan

College students will receive professional practice as part of their work experience in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Students in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be credited with practical training in their work experience. "This opportunity has appeared within the framework of dual education," Kazpravda with a link to

Hiring is most often carried out with an experience of two or three years. Because of this, many graduates are forced to get a job not in their specialty.

But still this year this situation will change.

"The law on education was signed, which was amended to say that the contract on dual training is now included in the list of documents confirming the work experience of the graduate. At the present time, the Ministry is making changes to the orders, the rules of the organization and in the model treaties on dual learning" - said the head of the Department of technical and vocational education of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kalamkas Algazinov.

Dual training for the Republic of Kazakhstan is the latest form of specialist training, in this form, the practical and theoretical parts of training are a single whole.

Five hundred and thirty-five special educational institutions now use dual training, 5 thousand companies have already signed contracts and the number of students at the moment is 58,600 people.

Thanks to dual training, students of the Republic of Kazakhstan first of all receive theoretical knowledge in an educational institution, and then use them in industrial practice in the enterprise. Each student has his own supervisor, who is obliged to teach him a particular profession.

Each educational institution has the right to independently include the necessary specialties in dual training. At the end of the training, the student, in addition to the long-awaited diploma, will receive a special application, which indicates the number of days counted in the work experience.

When a student shows his professional skills well, he can be officially employed, while the scholarship is maintained....

Deputy Director of the College of Management and Business Raushan Bektursynova says that the dual training system is 60 % theory in the college and 40% practice in the enterprise. This is a great help for the training of students, as the children undergo practical training at the enterprise, where they face many challenges to gain valuable experience...

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