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Does distance learning harm children's vision?

Does distance learning harm children's vision?

In Semey, parents of schoolchildren are sounding the alarm. In their opinion, distance learning is very harmful to children's vision.

With the transition to online classes, students have to use their phones, tablets, and laptops much more often. Ophthalmologists note that vision has really worsened since the transition to distance learning. The number of patients with impaired vision has doubled in the past few months.

Optician shop owners also confirm the concerns of parents and ophthalmologists. Orders for the manufacture of glasses have doubled compared to last year, which indicates that vision is really getting worse.

Despite all this, independent experts, as well as teachers, say the opposite. They believe that distance learning does not threaten children's vision. The argument is that children at school also have to strain their eyes when writing or looking at the blackboard.

Most teachers refer to the fact that children are too dependent on their phones. Experts are not in a hurry to link the blame to this, since there is a possibility of hereditary pathologies, as well as the child's lifestyle, which leads to this.

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