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an Overview of health professions

an Overview of health professions

Let's do a survey on several popular medical specialties. In order to enroll in certain specialty and to obtain the necessary education to know about them a little more than just a name. Today we look at some of the professions related to medicine on the educational portal Edu-Kz.Com.

So, the first most interesting, in our opinion the profession of Midwifery. The profession is quite challenging, as it implies the existence of knowledge in different fields. Despite the narrow range of activities, the specialist is constantly in use. There are two directions: the Obstetrician – a nurse and an obstetrician-gynecologist. Main responsibilities is to support women psychologically and to prepare them for childbirth. Specialist also accepts the child while the doctor performs other duties, for example, cuts the umbilical cord. Obstetrician-gynecologist – a person with higher medical education with a medical degree. A man must know the whole process of childbirth, pathology and complications. The specialist conducts continuous monitoring and analysis of pregnant from the first visit until the birth. Midwives are one of the most important people in medicine. After all, with such a person we all came to light.

The doctor is a profession that can encompass a variety of theoretical and practical knowledge. Each specialist has key responsibilities, and the main direction of the doctors — a therapist. Therapists keep records of all illnesses of patients and their simtomatiku. To detect anomalies, which can judge the presence of bacteria or inflammatory processes; diagnosis based on the collected data. Here is important knowledge and the ability to distinguish often very similar to the manifestations of the disease; treatment assignment. This can be as a course of medicines and surgical intervention. Usually these methods are combined with hardware procedures or physical therapy. All these processes are fundamental in the determination of the activity of the specialist. Every doctor when you receive a diploma says the Hippocratic oath. He agrees to help and not to hurt people, not to disclose information about their disease and more. The oath changes over time and improved depending on the moral and ethical norms of society. The medical profession involves several main types of activities: Therapeutic focus. They are specialists who are receiving patients and prescribe conservative (medical) treatment or direct surgical ward; Surgical orientation. These professionals conduct the surgery with the purpose of elimination of pathological areas and processes of the human body. This is done to preserve the life of the patient; Pathological activity. Working with the dead to identify the cause of death; Psychological activities. Working with emotions, both standard and pathological. There are a number of specializations of medical practice, but every doctor should remember: the patient above all else.

The nurse is the first assistant physician. Given the fact that spheres of activity are many, the profession has a strict classification: the Chief nurse. This is a medical nurse with higher education in nursing. Chief nurse – certified specialist who deals with the organization of the work of middle and Junior hospital staff. It allocates responsibilities and oversees the timely and accurate execution. The head nurse. It's kind of a hospital administrator. Usually this kind of a specialist are assigned by the Department head. The head nurse performs the control and management of medium and Junior medical staff. She also is responsible for supplying all required office related drugs and materials. Postovaya nurse. Specialist strictly follows the doctor's orders and executes them. Usually attached to specific wards. The incumbent cares for patients, supervises the medication and nutrition of the patients. Procedural nurse. This specialist will carry out all procedures – injections, installation of droppers, fence tests. Procedural nurse is a physician assistant during the execution of the procedures that should be performed by a doctor. A surgical nurse. Employee of the surgical Department. The tasks include preparation of instruments, suture material, linen for surgical intervention. Specialist also delivers all the necessary tools on demand of the surgeon. A community nurse. It is a constant companion of doctor at the reception of the sick. Produces specialist nursing for patients at home and perform the prescribing physician, but mostly it's paperwork. Dietary nurse. It is an assistant nutritionist, who monitors the quality of products, their processing and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor. Usually work in hospital cafeterias and distributes menus according to the purpose. The nurse at the narrow specialist. Usually, such professionals you may encounter at a reception at the ENT, ophthalmologist and other specialists in the clinic. Junior nurse. Performs errands and care. Nursing assistant may not conduct a manipulation, these other employees. Nurses are indispensable in medical practice. They help doctors and patients.

The profession of a dentist covers a pretty broad spectrum of activities: treatment, prevention, surgery, prosthetics, bite correction and more. Therefore, modern science divided this branch of knowledge in several specific areas: dental therapist. This is the most familiar to each of us a specialist. He conducts the initial inspection and engaged in standard treatment of teeth – elimination of dental caries, inflammatory processes and infectious diseases of the oral cavity. This is the first specialist to whom the patient gets. His responsibilities included diagnosis, treatment or redirection to a more narrow specialist. The stomatologist-orthopedist. This is a specialist that deals with correcting the deformation of the occlusion and prosthetics. He knows all the details and nuances of these processes. Owns the prosthesis (removable, fixed, combined) and with a microprosthesis. Dentist-surgeon. A specialist who removes defects by means of surgery. The doctor standard deals with the implantation and extraction of teeth. It is capable of procedures to save the teeth, treatment of inflammatory processes and tumors of the mouth and slight swelling of the face. He is preparing the mouth for the subsequent procedure of prosthetics, treatment of pathogenic processes TMJ, the trigeminal nerve and the salivary glands. His responsibilities include surgical treatment of wounds of the face, mouth and neck, plastic and reconstruction of the jaw, diagnosis common severe disease on the basis of their symptomatic manifestations in the face, oral cavity and neck. They usually include tuberculosis, syphilis, etc. Also, this person performs operations on the surfaces of the periodontium. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This specialist carries out surgical interventions of varying complexity. They are deeper and more complex than the dental surgeon.

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