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an overview of the professions of catering

an overview of the professions of catering

Features the profession of Pastry chef

Than cake is different from bread? As explained culinary historian William pohlebkin, a confection from a bakery that pastry flour is less than half. The rest is sugar and other additives. Confectionery products are divided into sugar (jam, jelly, ice cream, candy, marshmallows, halva, chocolate, etc.) and flour (waffles, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.). But in any case they are characterized by high content of sugar or other sweeteners (honey, fructose, fruit, etc.).

The pastry chef prepares on a given formulation of different types of dough and fillings, creams and other semi-finished products, of which then bakes the finished product and decorate them. Many pastry chef makes by hand using special tools. For example, decorate the cakes with cream. The skills of pastry is determined by the discharges. Their total of 6. Immediately after graduation, pastry chef gets the 3rd or 4th level. But in the process it can be improved. 6th category- the highest. To work in prestigious restaurants or in the shops of the largest confectionery factories of the 6th degree – a prerequisite.

Pastry chefs work in restaurants, cafes, canteens, confectionaries. The pastry chef can also create their own business.

The pastry chef should love to cook. He needs a good memory, including taste, creative imagination, delicate taste and smell. Good coordination of movements (at the level of the hands), eye, images of the imagination (the ability of looking at the recipe, to present the appearance and taste of food), responsibility, honesty. Confectioner need physical endurance. In the mass production necessary to work in a high pace, and if the production is not automated, this means great exercise.

As the chef, the pastry chef is necessary to work on the legs, often in the heat, when humidity is high. Not recommended for the profession of a confectioner those who have diseases of the musculoskeletal device, cardiovascular system, allergies to foods, chronic diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, eyes, skin with localization on the hands.

Absolutely unacceptable infectious and venereal and nervous diseases. Bakers regularly pass medical examination.

The pastry chef must know the technology, formulation of products, their caloric value, biological value, terms and conditions of storage of ingredients and finished products, and hygiene standards. Must understand the basics of human physiology. The pastry chef should be able to make meals to perform a variety of manual operations, use special tools and equipment.

The chef is the person in charge of food preparation in catering establishments.

But these dry and boring words cannot fully describe the chef's profession. Because the chefs, sometimes called real magician, as from the simple products to prepare a dish that is a masterpiece of taste.

Of course, cook something edible, such as eggs, can virtually any man.

But cook the same foods will cook delicate egg souffle.

After all, cook is not the only person who cook it technically correct, and in strict accordance with the recipe, and the one who loves his job, receives from her genuine pleasure and glad when the results of his work admire clients.

Profession chef developed along with civilization, so you can say this is the oldest profession. As soon as cavemen tamed fire and began to roast the meat on the fire, they quickly learned, one of the tribesmen mammoth turns out tastier and juicier, and began to trust this important mission only to him. Thus was born the first chef.

In the further course of the history of the profession of chef was embodied in the provision of personal services by cooking for the rich and noble people and only with the development of the restaurant business, this profession has become massive.

To work, you need to know recipes and food preparation technology, the rules of storage of products in accordance with sanitary and hygiene standards, economy and organization of public catering, organization and rules for the use of special equipment.

Cook, chef is not just people who are being creative in the kitchen, and out of whose hands come out delicious and beautiful dishes. He must know many things: the structure and specifics of work of the enterprises of public catering, sanitary norms, safety rules, conduct primary processing of raw materials, to distinguish fresh fish from unfrozen to choose the right meat, vegetables, to prepare it for use...

In addition, the chef with the necessary knowledge about food composition and its caloric value, storage, about the physiology of nutrition, the rules of menu development, technology, cooking and operating equipment. Yes, and the dish must serve beautifully, creating from each dish unique, still life.

profession in the field of catering. Catering is an important part of the infrastructure of any city or large settlement. Restaurants, eateries, cafes continue their work even in times of crisis, and employers do not stop hiring.

In Russia the profession of a waiter appeared in the XIX century, together with opening restaurants of the European type. In restaurants the work of the waiters had fulfilled the so-called “sex”. Come from peasant families studied this craft for four years, starting with washing dishes and cleaning. Tips are normally put into a common Fund, and at the end of the day, shared between all the workers.

Currently, the duties of waiter include fulfillment of orders, receipt of payment for services, cleaning of tables after they left and the table setting for the arrival of new customers. If necessary, the waiter changing napkins, tablecloths, ensures cleanliness of room, can take part in decorating the room for festive events.

The waiter should be able to correctly answer guests ' questions, as necessary, to recommend some dishes, drinks. It forms the final amount of the order, expects clients and is responsible for the broken dishes or the escaped visitor who was served.

The main task of every professional is to ensure that the client left the school in a good mood and were happy with the service.

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