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Eurasian innovation Academy of Economics and Management

Ryskulbekov Avenue-39A Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 309-74-00, 309 64 33, 309 75 80
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Eurasian innovation Academy of Economics and Management

Eurasian innovation Academy of Economics and Management

Einau is an educational Academy of our country, one of the best in training qualified personnel who are in demand in the professional market, have innovative approaches and research skills in scientific work.

The main goal of the Academy is to train competent and professional specialists who can compete in modern professional conditions. Studying at Einau provides an opportunity to get a high-quality and in-demand education in a convenient form of training, as well as in a short time, to prepare students for bachelor's degrees: education and upbringing; Pedagogy and methods of primary education; Economic disciplines; financial management; teaching foreign languages, Law; Finance. The Academy has many qualified teachers. Our staff includes doctors of science and professors, candidates of science, associate professors who have been trained in Europe. The Eurasian innovation Academy has its own innovative approach to solving the educational process. Today, our scientists prepare and implement their projects in various fields of science.

In the process of higher and high-quality education, specialists are trained, which form the basis of the human resources potential of our country. To do this, we need to freely adapt universities to external influences of the social environment. Also, the Academy's strategy and development path must be implemented from an active position in order to withstand external situations and survive in a period of crisis transition. In our interconnected structure of the Academy includes: management bodies (rector's office, human resources Department, accounting Department, Dean's office, Department of issues), quality control Department of educational methods, center for scientific technologies, several departments, research laboratory, editorial Department, Committee on students ' Affairs, administrative Department, student house. To implement our plans, strategic missions and tasks, the educational institution has all the capabilities and resources to meet all the needs of students, staff and teachers.

Our Academy has created a "Council of students", whose members actively participate in various competitions and in international communications, seminars and conferences. In order to attract new students to active research activities, the institution provides access to open information related to the University's policy in the field of research studies, namely: meeting schedules, assistance in research work, selection of topics and the creation process. All our departments have their own scientific circles and groups, which are led by well-known scientists from our teaching staff, researchers and the best students of our Academy. At Einau, we have created our own method of motivating and stimulating all interested parties, students and teachers to active research work.

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