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Kazakh automobile and road Academy

Raiymbek Avenue-415b, Alatau district, Almatycity+7 (727) 276-83-19
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Kazakh automobile and road Academy

Kazakh automobile and road Academy

Passed a difficult way from Institute to Academy and back today Kazadi named after L. B. Goncharov, the only technical UNIVERSITY in the Republic, prepares specialists for all educational level, starting with a bachelor's degree and finishing a PhD, for automobile and road industry of the native of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Almaty automobile and road College successfully operates on the basis of the University, which provides continuous training of specialists in their specialty . The scientific-innovative-educational industrial complex with leading educational, scientific and industrial organizations and enterprises of the automobile and road industry allows the institution not only to give its students academic knowledge, but also teaches them to use it in practice. R & d certainly contributes to faster employment of graduates and their easier immersion in the production process. Accredited road stationary and mobile laboratories that provide technical supervision, diagnostics and certification of road construction quality in the regions of Kazakhstan also allow employees, graduates and students to participate in the implementation of major road projects in the country. The Institute has its representative offices in 10 regions of Kazakhstan, where the educational process is carried out remotely.

The mission is to provide high-quality educational services for training personnel for the road industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, through the integration of education, science and production in accordance with the principles of the technical process and modern quality standards. Our priority goal is to become a leader in training competitive specialists for the automobile and road industry. The main task of the NPA is to provide expert work and engineering services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities, which includes: - services for conducting the customer's own control (technical supervision, engineering service) and the design organization (author's supervision) during the construction (major repairs, reconstruction) of buildings and structures; - technical inspection of the physical (technical) condition of buildings, structures, engineering systems and communications and their elements (parts) in order to establish their reliability and stability of operation. To further develop and improve the quality of research work, a stationary laboratory for quality control of road construction materials and works, a mobile road laboratory for assessing the transport and operational qualities of highways and traffic safety were purchased and certified. Research and production center (SPC).In this direction, work is carried out related to the development and implementation of technical projects, research and production works and other production activities related to the development and implementation of projects of new equipment, materials, technology, scientific and innovative developments.

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