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"Turan" University-Academy of film and television

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Полное описание

Полное описание

Turan educational Corporation is a whole complex of educational institutions in the main cities of our country — Almaty and Astana. Education in our Corporation begins, as elsewhere, with high school.
However, our school is a Lyceum school founded in 1996 on the basis of our University in Almaty. The Lyceum school is divided into primary and secondary schools.
The primary school operates in a "full day" mode, which means that students are in the school from morning to evening. At the same time, children are less tired than if they were studying in a simple school. Every school day starts at 8.30 am, with Breakfast. Classes start at 9: 00, each lesson lasts 40 minutes, and after attending five lessons, students are given a three-hour break for lunch, walking, and visiting clubs. At three o'clock in the afternoon, classes begin for two more lessons, followed by afternoon tea, another lesson, and, as the end of the school day, the delivery of children to their homes on the school bus.

In middle and high school, students are taught from the fifth to the eleventh grade. Training takes place until three o'clock in the afternoon, after which the students are taken home. Students of our school are trained only by teachers with higher qualifications, so 89% of students graduate with excellent results! After school, everyone can enroll in any of the prestigious higher educational institutions of our country and become a highly qualified bachelor and master.
If a student does not want to go to the 11th grade, then we have two colleges "Turan" for him, which are located in the cities of Almaty and Astana.

Both colleges were founded in 2000 and have a state license without a term. During the seventeen years of operation of the colleges, more than forty thousand students with secondary special education were released. The College has many agreements with foreign educational institutions to exchange students and conduct advanced training courses, and, as an example, one of the colleges that cooperate with us is Cambridge, a College of the Kingdom of great Britain.
Turan University, the most important brainchild of our Corporation, was founded in 1992 in Almaty, and currently provides training in 23 bachelor's, 15 master's and 5 doctoral degrees.

The advantages of our prestigious University are that 94% of graduates got a job after graduation or continued their studies further. the University is located right in the heart of Almaty-near the city square. The UNIVERSITY provides state grants and grants from the University's rector. Grants can be won once a year, during eSports competitions, players from all over Kazakhstan come to the club of our University to play and win a grant! The person who took the first place is given a full grant for one year, the second-50% of the cost! Excellent students are awarded scholarships from foreign companies and organizations.
The University has EVERYTHING from simple classrooms to a restaurant. Each office is a whole world, which has everything you need for a comfortable study of students, everything is equipped with the most powerful and modern computers, interactive whiteboards. There are large conference halls and much more. Just a giant library — more than 600 thousand books and 200 thousand e-books.

The business incubator is a completely new idea for business development in our country. We have organized a huge hall for implementing the ideas of our students and more than 500 of them have received full technical support. Come and see for yourself!
Student life is full of emotions, unforgettable meetings and unexpected events. Students of the Department of cinema annually take an active part in University games, mass events, flash mobs, operators independently shoot various videos, learn to process them in editing programs and participate in Amateur shows. Every week we have various events, meetings with foreign citizens, language competitions "Trinity", master classes on acting from the most famous American producers and Directors, such as Alan Hofmanis and Christopher Kass, master classes on photography from Korenchuk and much more!
The most interesting thing in the cultural and leisure sector of our University is Tau-Turan. Located 30 minutes from the city center, in the TRANS-ili Alatau, our recreation center will help everyone find something to do and relax to their liking. We can host corporate events, birthdays, banquets and weddings, student gatherings, team building and much more.
Many student clubs will not leave anyone indifferent. The Sirius debate club will allow you to learn how to speak, improve your speaking skills and develop analytical thinking. The Enactus Turan organization will allow you to learn how to run a business the way people from thirty-nine countries of the world would do it — business coaches from all over the world come to us just to teach you something new.

Dance club “Turan's Trumps " - will allow you, even if you have never danced, to join the art of dance, for a short time we are credited with more than twenty performances on the big stages of our city.
The "Sport is life" club gives students confidence and love for sports and life. This club has many sections: Boxing, aerobics, football, basketball, volleyball, chess and table tennis. Currently, some of our students represent Kazakhstan as part of the Astana Arlans team.
The music club is a place where everyone can show their musical talents and play their favorite songs as part of a group.the club has all the necessary musical instruments: guitar, contrabass, drums, synthesizer, saxophone, flute and much more. If you like to play and sing, then be sure to join this club.
And finally, the KVN team "fresh" is one of the teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which takes part in the open KVN League in our country, in the kivin music festival in Sochi as part of the KVN team "" and for seven years became the owner of many prizes. If you are looking for a laugh and a stage-go to the University of Turan and rock with us!
Данияр Мурзабаев 20/08/2020

Хорошо университет, жаль я не учился

Айгерим Т. 25/12/2019

Высокое качество образования

DANt90rnt . 10/07/2019

Есть несколько очень хороших людей, но все остальные просто ужасные.

Михаил Нефедов 11/03/2019

малое пространство

Игорь В. 12/06/2018

Отличное место, грамотные и отзывчивые преподаватели.

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