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Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov

Kokshetau, 189a Auezov street. Telephone:
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Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov

Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov

Kokshetau University named after Abay Myrzakhmetov


The University was founded in 2000, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Highly qualified teachers who annually take advanced training courses abroad will help each student get the knowledge and skills they need. The University has as many as seven buildings, the main one was built in 2005.

Each building is equipped with a large dining room with 150 seats, and the University's chefs are never idle — you can always taste delicious food and drink hot tea. The main building consists of five floors, each floor has its own bathroom, and each floor is responsible for a specific Department. This building houses the departments of history, foreign languages, biology, and preschool education. There are 20 classrooms on each floor, all with interactive whiteboards, computers, and comfortable desks. Of the 20 classrooms, there are 2 laboratories, one conference hall with a capacity of up to 120 people, where combined lectures on the subjects of political science, history, ethics and others are held. In front of the building there is a large square where global events such as dances, lines for the opening of the school year are held. As well as the area is used as a springboard for training students at the military Department, admission to which is carried out until the age of twenty-seven, when passing all the necessary fitness tests.

Special attention should be paid to the library — we have seven buildings and five libraries with more than 160,000 books. Students do not need to buy any copies in person, they are issued under the signature of our educational institution. Reading rooms are equipped with convenient places, eight computers, with which you can find the necessary information in the electronic library.

The cultural and leisure life of the University does not stand still. The University has its own dance clubs, one of which is "simbat". It includes girls and boys of different nationalities, but they only dance Kazakh dances. They first appeared on the public stage in 2011 during the summer holidays in the city square of Kokshetau, and performed quite well. since then, they have been actively participating in inter-University competitions, and several times in intercity competitions in Astana.

Each student finds a topic for discussion during their studies, and in order to speak out and argue, we have a debate club Dilmar. The club meets weekly, and the hottest topics of the University are discussed. Students become good speakers and are able to challenge any competitor. Every year there are debate tournaments aimed at developing patriotism and pride for the Kazakh people, where our students take first and third places.

The Fun and Resourceful club is not the last place in our life. Our guys come up with something new every time, try to make people laugh, and also participate in inter-University competitions and win prizes.

Our students have a very interesting practice, for example, students of the specialty "Translation" and "Two Foreign languages" are trained in special institutions that work with foreign suppliers and customers, at customs, as well as on a competitive basis - in the Ministry of justice and the presidential Board. Every quarter we have professors from abroad — Germany, England, America-and our students accompany them around the city, help them communicate and buy something.  In 2014, the world radio Direction finding championship was held in Borovoye. Our students also acted as an international translator! Our student, Anton Demikhov, acted as an interpreter on stage and translated all the speeches of our presenters into English. It was an incredible experience and a great internship for our students.

We have a student exchange program, every year four of our students go to study abroad for one semester, and four foreign students come to study with us. It also involves getting a great experience and new sensations.

The Work & Travel program is a program that allows many fourth-year students to stay abroad. It is a low-cost flight to a selected city in the United States, finding a job and housing for you. The course is based on 3 months and implies that a student abroad will quickly improve their language skills and earn good money.

Admission to our University for any specialty requires passing the UNT with a minimum passing score. Exams for training are divided into several options: "Boundary control" - an exam that takes place every two months in the electronic program Tamos or Platon, is a test survey of the material passed during the reporting period. "Session" - the final exam for the entire half-year, includes all the questions for the "Border control" in a chaotic order. Taking exams is pretty easy if you haven't skipped classes. Some subjects are taken orally — the teacher independently sets tasks for exams. Successful completion of the exams means that the student moves on to the next course.

All students ' grades are stored in the Platonus electronic database, which allows students or their parents to monitor their progress and understand what needs to be improved.

Graduates of our University receive a Bachelor's degree in their field and can continue their studies for a master's Degree. 93% of our students successfully get a job after graduation. This is helped by the job fair, which is held annually in the walls of our can view the full list of vacancies on the website of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University.

Teaching in higher education involves the availability of grants that can be obtained on a competitive basis, upon receipt of the grant students are also entitled to scholarships. Benefits are provided to students who are orphans, without a father or mother. Payment is possible both in cash and by Bank transfer.

By entering our University — you choose a secure future!

инна 17/08/2020

На 3-4 балла тянет этот ВУЗ.Открыли бы в городе Дефектологический факультет...приходиться ездить в Караганду или Питер или Кустанай.

HaronKZ 29/05/2020

При выборе Вуза с сыном, решающим фактором было наличие военной кафедры. А потом уже вникал состав преподаватей и прочее, все на высоком уровне, считаю что с выбором не ошиблись.

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