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Kazakh University of railway transport in Almaty

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Kazakh University of railway transport in Almaty

Kazakh University of railway transport in Almaty

The Kazakh Transport University was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organization of the state type. In the same year, a certificate of state license 33600-1910-U-e series 0332485 was issued on June 15, 2000. The transport industry is a multi-profile and constantly developing industry that includes various farms and hundreds of small and large enterprises. it is in need of specialists in various fields. The companies will include traffic organizers, car drivers, locomotives, track workers, signallers, motorists, specialists in the field of information systems and communications, and many others.

Since 2003 and until now, the rector of the University is doctor of technical Sciences, Professor and senior academician of the Academy of transport — Omarov Amangeldy Dzhumagalievich

The University of ways can be considered a University of continuing education, because on the basis of the higher educational institution there are colleges of Technical and economic and Astana technical and economic College, which creates good conditions for training in the transport and communication complex, and then for higher education at the University. For the current period, KUPS and its colleges provide training in 156 specialties and several dozen master's and doctoral degrees. The University publishes and subscribes to many magazines such as "Industrial transport of Kazakhstan" and the newspaper "Express TJ".

The main areas of research: - improvement of design, construction and operation of Railways and highways, engineering and communication structures ; - improving the efficiency of transport equipment and technical means on railway and road transport; - improving the design of the system of operation of electric networks, communications and management in the transport and communication complex; - prospects and development of rolling stock in the railway transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan; - prospects for modern locomotive construction abroad and in the CIS countries; - improving the efficiency of automation and power engineering devices; - improving the reliability of high-voltage lines of longitudinal power supply in wind areas; - study of the operation of intermediate rail fasteners and prepare proposals for their improvement for the safety of operation in various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan; - improving cross-country traffic in off-road conditions; - improving the efficiency of railway transport in modern conditions; - logistic scheme of the organization of international transport by rail;

The library was opened together with the University, and now it is developing rapidly. The library Fund is completed based on the University Charter, plans for the educational process and literature recommended by departments. Reference library services for students include:

consultations on working with the library staff

maintaining traditional and electronic files of articles and books

Since 2008, the library has been keeping records on transport, education and various types of Sciences, as well as publishing teaching papers in the state and Russian languages. The library's book collection consists of 349,120 copies in Russian, foreign, and state languages.

There is a sports complex where everyone can find fitness equipment to their liking: bicycles, barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, swimming pool, volleyball court, football field, weight training equipment and much more. The sports complex was put into operation in February 2009. Training sessions for students are paid-a subscription costs 3000 tenge per month, 3 times a week for 2 hours. The sports complex is managed by 6 teachers with higher sports education.

Distance learning technologies – learning technologies that are implemented using information and telecommunications tools with mediated (at a distance) or not fully mediated interaction between the student and the teacher. Educational process implemented on the basis of interaction between a remote teacher and a student, regardless of the place or time of training, using information and communication technologies.

All students enrolled in the 1st year of DOT must get a username and password from the Department of distance education. After receiving the login and password, the student can get acquainted with the training schedule and electronic resources on the website.

All DOT students have their own virtual "personal accounts", have access to lectures and other teaching AIDS of the University's teaching staff at any time, can get a working, individual curriculum, form their own learning trajectory, get any reference information, schedules of on-line classes and exams.

Technical and economic College (TEK) at the institution "Kazakh University of railway transport" (KUPS) it was created on the basis of the rector's order No. 71-1 of 01.06.2004 for the training of technical and economic specialists of the middle level.

Since February 05, 2013, the College was renamed to the limited liability Partnership "Almaty technical and economic College of Railways" license issued from 07.06.2013 No. 13009129.

There is a private student house for 200 people, on the floors there is all the necessary furniture, sofas, TVs, free Wi-Fi. Washing machines, dryers computers with Internet access, cabinets, dining room, kitchen and medical center.

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