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University Of Almaty

36 B. Momyshuly street; Auezovsky district, Almaty city
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University Of Almaty

University Of Almaty

Almaty University was created by merging two universities: University of continuing education and design Academy "Symbat". The University is a unified system of permanent education, which includes bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The principles of the institution's management are long-term planning and a high-quality educational system-the ability to provide high-quality services taking into account all stakeholders, as well as the state and the market in accordance with international standards of leading countries.

The goal of the development training program is: active competitiveness of the University by improving educational methods and the fundamental nature of higher education, creating a strong link between training and research activities, using modern educational materials and methods, focusing on external economic changes. To achieve this goal, the University needs to improve the work of governing bodies by: forming corporate departments, creating an innovative organizational structure of the University and improving the development of principles. We plan to improve the work of the University by combining personnel, organizational, regulatory and methodological conditions for a strong connection of the educational process. Modernization and development of the educational process is based on commercial relations with the involvement of world-class specialists in order to develop innovative scientific and educational programs and introduce new training technologies. The formation of the educational culture of the University is based on a promising research process, focusing on innovative highly qualified management personnel, on an improved system of employee development based on methods of attracting staff to the educational activities of the University. To do this, we will create a modern technical infrastructure of the University that meets all the requirements of the current educational process .

In the strategies proposed by the President, designated the long-term development in the field of higher education and science, and a gradual entry into the list of developed countries, namely: assistance in employment of graduates and promotion of an efficient system of education, increase the availability of labor resources, and breakthrough innovation for sustainable development on the principles of development of economy; development of the educational process by promoting an award-winning international design; full assistance and satisfaction of the future needs for specialists for the national economy; involvement of research activities in all areas of the educational process - to create groups and divisions for the study of research works.

Improving the quality of educational services provided is a long-term development goal in the leading areas of the University, where the objectives and principles are strongly linked to the choice of the development program .

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