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Moscow University of Finance and industry

Seifullin Avenue-597a, Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7 (727) 237‒77‒50 +7 (727) 237‒77‒47
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Moscow University of Finance and industry

Moscow University of Finance and industry

Synergy University is an Ideal place for studying, friendship and starting your successful career. Our graduates create their careers in well-known companies, promote their business, and take an active part in creating projects of national importance. Educational material in Synergy is a reliable step in your professional future. We have all forms of training: day, evening, weekend, correspondence, distance-it all depends on you!

The main direction is to provide professionalism to the largest employer companies. All our students learn from professionals in order to become professionals themselves, and our graduates are qualified elite of the international level. Synergy University trains students on the basis of all current licenses. Professional methods of our University have earned recognition and numerous prestigious awards and accreditations.

All educational materials, training methods and programs are coordinated together with prestigious companies-employers. From the first day of training, our students have the opportunity to get employment in the specialty with the possibility of career growth. The most popular areas - we constantly prepare our methods for market changes and adapt to changes in the specifics of professions. Synergy graduates get all the necessary skills and knowledge that help them get a job in highly qualified positions and promote their own successful business.

It is always important for each University to apply its own methods in the world experience for the development of international education. International relations are the most important direction for the development of the interests of synergy University. Active participation in international educational conferences allows us to develop and promote our activities and teach our students only the best teaching methods. Our corporate network of representatives consists of more than 120 regional divisions in the CIS countries. We also have our own University campus in the UAE, and we constantly contact foreign universities: we allow them to exchange experience, conduct student internships and create scientific conferences.

Our students learn from specialists in order to become specialists themselves - each student can test their strength in the current conditions on the professional labor market. Our teaching staff are leaders in their field: the most famous managers, ambitious businessmen, designers and advertisers, economists and lawyers. For several years, we have been contributing to the personal growth of people and companies around the globe. The entire educational process of the University is created along with modern business solutions. For more than 30 years, we have been producing specialists who have the necessary practical knowledge and skills to successfully create their own business, as well as to work in professional positions in well-known companies. Our common goal is to make quality education accessible to everyone.

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