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Karaganda state medical University

Karaganda, Gogol str., 40. tel. 51-34-79, 50-39-30, Fax: 51-89-31, website:
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Karaganda state medical University

Karaganda state medical University

Karaganda state medical University is almost the only educational institution that trains specialists with higher medical education in various professions. The Foundation of the higher education institution began in 1931, but at that time the number of graduates was too low, which naturally did not meet the needs of the population. In 1940, the University building was rebuilt and enlarged. In 1961, the Institute of medicine was awarded the first category. A year later, the entire hospital system of the city was presented to students of the medical institution to acquire clinical skills. Even then, the level of education in our University was high. Together with the educational institution, the development of research works was started.

In 2002, the educational institution received a license to provide not only educational services, but also medical services, thanks to which the University has its own private outpatient diagnostic clinic. The educational complex consists of five academic buildings with classrooms that are equipped with the necessary medical equipment, audio and video equipment and additional equipment. The laboratories have mannequins and high-tech equipment, there is a research center and educational and scientific laboratories Now the University employs more than 400 teachers, of which 70% are associate professors, the remaining 30% are undergraduates and doctors of science.

The University cooperates with sixty universities, clinics and research centers from twenty-two countries. Special attention is paid to foreign internships, which can be held by future doctors in the chosen or assigned educational institution. Today, such universities provide training based on the Research Based Learning system. This system forms students ' knowledge and skills, as well as skills to perform practical medical work. Contracts for students ' internships have been signed with more than two hundred foreign institutions in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Turkey.

The educational activity of the University is based on 39 departments of therapeutic, surgical and dental profile. The University purchased 5 endovideoscopic stands at its own expense. The main feature of the University is its graduates. Today, more than thirty-three highly qualified doctors work in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In connection with the introduction of new standards of education in Kazakhstan, the faculty of continuing education was established, which to this day provides training for specialists in secondary and higher education, with advanced training and retraining.

The University's practical skills center was founded in 2007 and is a structural division where interns and students can train on dummies and virtual machines. We have unique software purchased in the United States that allows you to dive into virtual reality using virtual reality glasses and perform various operations on "live" patients.

The dental Department, established in 2002, is a separate building with several dozen dental offices. Practice in dentistry helps students to comply with security measures and provide paid services to citizens of our city.

Our educational institution can be called a continuing education institution, because we also have a medical College. The College was founded in 2002 and is taught in two languages, with eight majors.

The huge amount of space at the University has significantly improved opportunities for mass sports and placed various sports facilities: a large stadium with 3000 seats, including a football field with a real lawn and running tracks, a football and baseball stadium with 300 seats, several mini-football fields, 2 gyms, three pairs of tennis courts, a beach volleyball field and much more.

The University has a student Association that creates all conditions for scientific activity and attracting students to research and project organizations. Every student, after entering the University, must be engaged in any degree in science. The Association also organizes various intellectual events and competitions.

There are various dance clubs that organize performances in front of closed and open audiences, Amateur competitions, KVN games, conferences and Olympiads are held. We honor tradition, integrity, professionalism and innovation. By enrolling in our University.

The University has its own Scientific expert Council of KSMU, created to conduct research examinations, ensure close contact between students and science, and to analyze and evaluate the quality of research results.

In order to improve employment, an employers ' Council was organized. It includes many large and small firms. Also, for additional employment of graduate students, there is an annual fair of vacancies/paid internships. Every year our fair is visited by five to six thousand students. And more than half of them find work.

Алымжан Зурдинов 25/03/2021

Учеба нормальная, хороший ЦПН(центр развития навыков)

джека мерк 17/03/2021

Высокое качество образования

Гульмира Кошкинбаевна 17/09/2020

Очень хороший университет

юрий Бондарев 15/07/2020

Много бюрократии не нужной

Андрей Грознов 07/12/2019

Много иностранных студентов

Wendersxn 28/10/2019

Хожу во французский альянс, очень нравится, вс чисто, приятно)

olgin Cool 17/02/2019

ВУЗ еще на слуху и уважаем на просторах СНГ, НО, он уже частный, не государственный(((
Без подробностей.., есть негатив в ВУЗе!
Поэтому не пятерка.

Валерий Мойсеевич 16/11/2018

Очень хорошо отремонтированы и прекрасно вписывающийся в городской колорит!

Балбота Турганбекова 06/11/2018

Самый лучши медицинский ВУЗ в Казахстане, раньше в советское время был одним из лучших ВУЗов в СНГ. Новый обновленный корпус, опытные преподаватели

Сабыржан Т. 31/03/2018

Определенно - лучший медицинский университет. Здесь время идет в разы быстрее, ты ощущаешь как время, проведенное здесь - меняет тебя лишь в лучшую сторону

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