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Satbayev University

​22 Satpayev street, Bostandyk district+7 (727) 257-74-65+7 (727) 257‒71‒11
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Satbayev University

Satbayev University

University. Satpayeva is the oldest and one of the most prestigious technical universities in Kazakhstan, known for its developments in the field of mining and oil. For more than 80 years, this University has been a participant of technological progress and constant leadership in Kazakhstan. Our University has everything for a good educational program: 27 departments, 14 student organizations, 10 research laboratories and much more. We practice scientific and innovative activities that are aimed at developing fundamental and applied scientific research in the five main scientific areas of the Republic, as well as at constantly creating technical innovations. Our implementation of the principle of "learning through research" is the main task for Satbayev University. The University conducts large-scale and broad scientific work, monitors and analyzes domestic and global innovations in the development of science. Along with contract research on production problems and extensive work on the commercialization of scientific discoveries, the University searches for and selects grandiose ideas, promotes and monitors the formation and implementation of innovative projects, and invests in the creation and development of start-up companies.

The main goal of Satbayev University at Present is to unite specialists and students from several countries of the world, to participate in the path of becoming a sustainable development through innovation, to become a significant international research University for the country, recognized by the world scientific community. In the innovative program of the University, the teaching of modern specialties, which are not currently taught in Kazakhstan, is constantly introduced. Cooperation with the industry is constantly expanding, and much attention is paid to the practical work of projects at our University. Thus, research and innovation activity increases, and the number of projects and research for production increases. Our new University development course guarantees all students the highest quality of education and broad opportunities in any field of employment and career, both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The research model of Satbayev University, adopted in 2015, assumes a large-scale creation of a research center, the largest in Central Asia, with a large concentration of unique analytical and diagnostic equipment. "All our work should be based on the model of a research University, which will allow us to become the highest state example for others. The transformation of Satbayev University into a research activity of the University is based not only on the interests of the government, but also on the interests of the University as a whole. One of the ways to implement this model is to fully integrate education and science with real production. This idea will allow the University to become a powerful educational holding associated with science and business.

Raiymbet T. 08/12/2019

Это компания занимающаяся разработкой програмного обеспечения. Есть возможность заниматься исследованиями и практиковаться в машинной обучении.

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