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International University of information technology (IITU)

​34/1 Manas street; Bostandyk district.Call center: +7 (727) 320 00 00 +7 (727) 320 00 01Rector's reception: +7 (727) 330 85 60
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International University of information technology (IITU)

International University of information technology (IITU)

IITU is the first educational institution in Kazakhstan that received institutional international accreditation (ASIIN) in 2019 and passed official confirmation of compliance with international standards and requirements. During its development, the University has received the right to enter the rating of the best technical universities in our country. The University always works to improve the quality of educational services and provides high potential to the teaching staff. Currently, MUIT has more than 4,500 students enrolled in bachelor's, doctoral, and master's programs. The University trains a new generation of specialists with knowledge of industry technologies and communication skills with in-depth knowledge of the English language. Students undergo practical training at public and private enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses. Experienced teaching staff, conducts classes under the State program aimed at training qualified personnel. Teachers are proud that after graduating from MUIT, the number of employed students exceeds 90%. Our educational institution has all the necessary equipment for the development of professional skills. The University pays great attention to the development of personal qualities, creative abilities of students and leadership qualities . Active and purposeful students independently and organized various activities to make their student life was young, bright and unforgettable, responsible for projects that cause admiration and surprise. Such events teach responsibility and careful preparation of their plans. In 2019, the school received an assessment from the ASIIN accreditation Commission, which States that " IITU is constantly progressing and developing in the right direction and has so far demonstrated compliance with all the Agency's requirements." ASIIN experts note that the international University of information technology ensures that preventive and cultural requirements are met for successful training and good presentation of the material .Thus, IITU is the first University in Kazakhstan that has passed the full procedure of official confirmation of compliance with international standards. And now, it is the first and only University to receive institutional international accreditation!

It is an honor and responsibility to be a student of MUIT. Our University opens up great horizons for every applicant. MUIT students study specially designed educational programs, participate and win in scientific research under the guidance of experienced scientists and teachers, participate in various projects and implement them in real life. The University has all the conditions that contribute not only to professional training, but also to personal development. At our University, you will find a bright student life full of events, scientific discoveries and new interesting acquaintances! Get on the path of success with us! We are open to ambitious, creative and bold young people who will become the intellectual elite after graduation and will contribute to the development of Kazakhstan!

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