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Kokshetau Institute of Economics and management

Kokshetau, 35 dzhambula street, Phone: +7 7162 26-48-28
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Kokshetau Institute of Economics and management

Kokshetau Institute of Economics and management

The first private higher education institutions appeared in 1992 after the collapse of the USSR. In those years, Kazakhstan needed specialists in the reconstruction of the economy into a market economy, and there was also a need for new specialists, especially economists. There were no market specialists in the Republic at all.

Thus, in 1992, Vladimir Yun-Dinovich founded a new Institute of Economics and management in Kokshetau. In the same year, foreign specialists visited the Institute for the first time — many of them stayed for an internship at our Institute. In the first years of the University's existence, there was only one Department — Economics and management, after which there were departments of mathematics, computer science, foreign languages and others.

In 1999, for the first time in the city, it was in Kiema that new curtailed training programs were opened, according to which specialists with secondary special education could get higher education in a short time. A year later, the Institute opened the first military Department in the region. In 2004, the Intermediate certification of students (PAO) was introduced. Our UNIVERSITY ranked sixth among 136 universities in Kazakhstan(at that time) with an average score of 72.7 points.

In 2004, the Institute introduced a credit system of education, thereby allowing students who cannot pay in full to pay quarterly and monthly. In 2005, the Institute again ranks 6th in the intermediate state control of students (PGC), but this time among 148 educational institutions. In 2007, the Institute became a leader in the quality of education in the Akmola region as a result of the initiative of the youth Association of the Akmola region. Some time later, in 2011, the Kokshetau Institute of Economics and Management was renamed The humanitarian and technical Academy (GTA).

Soon, students began to pass the external assessment of academic achievements (EEA), showing good results and keeping the reputation of the institution afloat.

Since the opening of KIEM, GTA has been headed by the best professors of its time, and the number of teachers is stable.

The Academy's departments are fully equipped. Everything is available: computers, video and audio equipment, interactive whiteboards, wide auditoriums, a language lab, conference rooms, gyms, a buffet and a dining room with hot meals. Recently, the Academy has established close cooperation with foreign Universities and maintains contact on a contractual basis with the Gumilyov Eurasian national University.

Based on the results of the Sixth TEMPUS competition in October 2013, nine new projects with the participation of Kazakhstani Universities were selected for funding by the Executive Agency for education, audiovisual media and culture of the European Commission. The Humanitarian and technical Academy is taking part in one of the projects. Project name: 544601 - TEMPUS -1-2013-1- DE - TEMPUS - SMGR "implementation of quality management in the E - Learning system in Central Asian universities".   Project coordinator: Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes (Germany). The scientific Director of the project from the Humanitarian and technical Academy is doctor of Economics, Professor A. M. Ayulov.

The founder of the Academy, V. Y. Pak, supports the financing of social events and assistance to poor, active and talented students (excellent studies, participation in public life). Every year, more than 300 students receive a discount in tuition fees. 

Over the past 26 years, a lot has been done in training personnel for the national economy. 23 full - time and 20 part-time issues were made, 18- in the master's program. The number of graduates of the specialty, bachelor's and master's programs over these years has exceeded 7,300. Graduates of GTA (KIEM) successfully work in various sectors of the national economy: in companies, enterprises and firms, in the service sector, banks, etc. They head state structures of various scales, manage large enterprises and firms.

Currently, the Academy provides training in eleven bachelor's and master's degrees. The profession of economist is still one of the most prestigious in Kazakhstan. However, to rest on your laurels is the lot of the chosen. As the outstanding English economist J. R. R. Tolkien said about the economy. Keynes "...the subject is easy, but there are few who succeed in it. The paradox lies in the fact that the economist must possess a rare combination of talents. He must be a mathematician, a historian, a statesman, a philosopher..." Financier, accountant, economist – these are the main people in firms, companies and production.  They determine not only the success of the organization, but often the possibility of its continued existence. Therefore, it is not surprising that the hype that exists in relation to economic specialties.

Currently, the approach to the role and significance of education in society has changed all over the world. Developed countries have come to the conclusion that lack of education and lack of culture are simply uneconomical. In developing countries of democratic orientation, there is also an understanding that poverty and intellectual and educational potential are directly related: the poorer the country, the lower the intelligence of society. The processes of globalization, international labor migration, Kazakhstan's participation in the Customs Union and other authoritative international organizations, the formation of a single economic space, and dynamic changes in the political and economic life of the Country strengthen the competitiveness of educational services. 

In the face of competition from other public and private higher education institutions, the staff of the Humanitarian and technical Academy identifies and solves problems in the education and upbringing of its students, and systematically conducts appropriate measures to improve educational activities. The University has tightened the requirements for knowledge, skills and abilities of specialists who are able to quickly navigate the market environment, competently solve urgent problems, show proper initiative and creative thinking.

For 26 years of formation and development in the higher education market, the Humanitarian and technical Academy was able not only to declare itself, but also to significantly improve the quality of training of specialists, make them competitive in the labor market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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