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The Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan

Kazybek bi - 28 street, Medeu district, Almaty cit
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The Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan

The Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan

The Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute is based on issuing French and Kazakh diplomas in educational programs: "International communication in the context of globalization", "International relations". "Change management in the modern world", "Management". In 2013, KazNPU and the Sorbonne University signed an agreement on the establishment Of the French Institute of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan. Now citizens of our country can get a prestigious foreign education while staying at home. The Sorbonne University is one of the most important and prestigious universities in the world. The University traces its history back to the early middle ages, when a theological College for 16 students from poor families opened in the French capital. Today, 100 thousand students from all over the world study at the Sorbonne.

70% of academic subjects are taught by leading professors of famous universities in France. You have the opportunity to get a grant, choose a form of study, get a diploma issued by partner universities of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute. Our Institute was created on the basis of cooperation between KazNPU and USPS. This international Union well reflects the essence of the higher education system, which is conducted by the government of our country and takes into account the importance of international exchange in this area. Training is conducted in accordance with the Kazakh-French international bachelor's and master's degree programs. More than half of the subjects are taught in French by invited specialists. Graduates speak several languages, including French at the B2 level.

One of the main goals of the Sorbonne Institute is to develop higher education in Central Asia in French, using special adapted programs for the modern needs of the labor market. The Institute trains specialists who have passed innovative methods in the field of higher education.

In addition to studying, student life at an educational institution includes a lot of interesting things - various conferences, lectures from invited guests, trainings, master classes, courses in various areas, conversation circles, and much more. This is an opportunity to show your practical experience, develop communication skills and reveal leadership qualities. For all our students, free admission to events from partners is available. There is a good material and technical base for training specialists: language and multimedia rooms, computer classes, satellite TV and Internet, distance learning is used,and all conditions are created for obtaining the most up-to-date knowledge. Within the framework of the bachelor's degree program, several modules are taught in French by French teachers. Students undergo training in the Department of Diplomatic and consular service of the MFA of RK

sashaiskan 23/06/2020

Учебное заведение созданное на базе КазНПУ им.Абая, Казахстанско-Французский Университет,раньше в этом здании в 50-60г.г. находился юрфак КазГУ

Катя К. 12/01/2020

Отличный преподаватель по Французскому и просто замечательный человек - Бухина С.Б.

Carina S. 23/10/2019

Самый лучший университет на вс м белом свете! Поступив сюда, вы делаете единственный верный выбор в своей жизни.

Акшолпан К. 15/12/2018

Лучше потому что там учусь

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