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the names of holders of state educational grants

the names of holders of state educational grants

The results of the award of state grants 2020 can be found on the website of the National open education platform of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here is a brief summary of what specialty how many grants received via the shared data.

In the Republic in the period between 21 June and 1 July, there were Unified national testing. In this year, the figures of passing UNT reached a record high in recent years. Just passed UNT - 131 754 of the applicant, of which 111 113 graduates of schools this year, and the remaining school leavers other years of study.

53 thousand Kazakhstan students will be able to get higher education for free at state expense, while studying at one of the thousands of grants that were allocated this year. In 2020-2021 school year a huge amount of grants was allocated for the specialty 'Information technology' – 2468 grant. Future IT-specialists today is taught in 49 universities of the country. In almost each of these universities will have grants for this specialty. The specialty 'Social medicine' 2147 allocated grants. The training of specialists in this area do 11 medical universities of Kazakhstan, each of which will have a large number of grants. All in all, the training of doctors in this year dedicated 2700 grants for a variety of specialties.

In the field of education in this academic year was allocated 8000 grants. They include such specialties as: 'the Preparation of physics teachers', 'Training of teachers of mathematics', 'Preschool training and education' and other specialties of this direction.

Many grants were allocated for the specialty 'Electrical power' (1800 grants), compared with the previous year grants much more. Many grants were allocated on a similar working field, such as 'Mechanics and metal processing', 'Mining and extraction of minerals' and other.

This year the state has allocated huge amount of money on education. Past grants have been allocated money and the computers for low-income families.

A huge amount of money has been allocated for the grants, as well as to ensure that schools adhered to the norms of sanitation, in training classes on duty.Most of these expenses are associated in General with the problems of a pandemic. According to the world Bank, which conducted the online briefing several days ago, the state will have to spend a huge amount of money to recover from the pandemic coronavirus in education.

More detail to read about government spending being planned in the next few years here.

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